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The Client Success Mastermind™

We help established coaching businesses increase their profitability & scalability by focusing squarely on the transformational results they get their clients.

Through our human-inspired frameworks, straightforward optimization processes, and easy-to-implement systems, working with us means engineering predictable client results for your e-learning and coaching programs - effectively reducing refunds while increasing retention, renewals and referrals.

Meet our Founder, Cindy.

Since 2015 Cindy Anne Molchany has created over 70 different online programs for her 7 & 8 figure clients - in addition to running her own coaching and course business, Course Paradise. The client programs she has created have generated over $100M in revenue, have impacted millions of lives, and have ranged from stand-alone courses and coaching programs to masterminds, MRR content, challenges and virtual events.

Cindy is a regular feature and coach in programs such as Taki Moore's Black Belt, and her services and coaching are always in high demand because she brings a unique mix of Instructional Design and Digital Marketing experience to the table -- as well as a healthy obsession for Client Success.

"My Impact is Helping You Make Yours"

Grow your business by scaling results & relationships, not by scaling ad spend.


Create Predictable Outcomes & Results

With a solid foundation in Instructional Design and using straight-forward (and tested) models, we help our clients design and bring to life transformative curriculum and training material that generate predictable results 

Increase Retention & Reduce Churn

The magic of any elearning program is not in the design of it as much as it is in its delivery -- and delivery not only spans your client touch points, but is a direct reflection of your team structure, organizational leadership and overall company culture.

Skyrocket Renewal and Referral Rates

Generating results is key, and delivering an amazing program is key, but what is the key to sustainable business growth and the ability to scale? It's being able to create customers for life and loyal client ambassadors that help your business grow.


These Are The Common "Leaky Buckets" Of A Coaching Business That We Work To Patch

Sound familiar?

Lackluster Onboarding

Your clients join your coaching program absolutely primed for quick transformation and your onboarding either leaves them feeling under or overwhelmed. Onboarding needs to accomplish a variety of objectives simultaneously (getting them wins, getting them indoctrinated, making them feel good about their decision to join, etc), so it can be tricky. We focus on The Goldilocks Rule as well as relationship building to get this just right.

Clients Ghosting

They're not canceling, and they're not asking for a refund, so should we be concerned when our clients stop showing up altogether?

Absolutely! Client Ghosting is a phenomenon that is somewhat unique to the coaching world, yet is a huge signal of trouble ahead. This is why we focus on ensuring our programs are engineered for engagement and getting clients results.

Refund Requests

This, along with cancelation requests, is the one that stings the most because it's like a nail in the coffin of a lost client.

Not only did you lose a client, but you lost trust, the ability to make a positive impact in a person's life, and you lost the opportunity for that client to turn into an ambassador of your business and brand. This is why we attack churn like the erosive cancer that it is.

Marketing-Offer-Delivery Mismatch 

If we solely looked at Client Success from the perspective of program delivery, we'd be doing a disservice to our own clients. 

That's because the Client Journey begins at the top of funnel and continues all the way through your back-end offers. And if there is incongruence, and if we neglect their "Zone of Transformation™", we will create one-off clients instead of creating clients for life. 

Clients Do Not Renew or Ascend

Client Acquisition fuels sales for any business, but do you feel like you're on this endless hamster wheel of generating new business just to keep things afloat?

Ever wonder what the impact on your bottom line would be if you just retained or renewed just one client per month? Or if you got more of your clients to take buy other offers? Client Acquisition is great, but increasing Customer Lifetime Value is great business. 

Escalating Operational Costs

Hiring another VA to help you manage your client inbox or to followup with clients who are delinquent on payments and need chasing?

Oftentimes coaches who are chasing "scale" and status mistake team growth with business growth.

When the reality is that adding more to your team is really just a symptom of a broken system and poor client success.


Book a complimentary Client Success 3-Levers Gameplan Call and we'll help you determine the top areas of your business to focus on that will dramatically improve your:

  • Referral Rate

  • Retention Rate

  • Renewal Rate

  • To schedule this call, you'll be prompted to answer a few questions about your business that will provide us with important context that we need.

    Use the form at the right to book in your call or CLICK HERE to go directly to our Calendly booking page.


    Your client's success is YOUR responsibility

    There is no such thing as "passive income" in a business where people give us money to help them do hard things. As course business owners and coaches we should be 100% committed to taking responsibility for the results we aim to deliver.

    Healthy obsession encouraged.

    It's not about '1000 True Fans', it's about "100 Real Relationships"

    Your legacy will be built by the relationships you forge with your clients and the hard things you help them achieve much more so than the "influence" you carry in your market.

    Build a business on the back of 100 true relationships, and you'll never have to market yourself again.

    Clients are made, not found

    When faced with the decision to either hire a sales team member, or hire someone to achieve client success, we hire for client success ALWAYS.

    The results we help our clients achieve, and the relationship we forge with them, creates referrals and clients for life!

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